The Origin of rice

Shiva, the Hindu god, created the fairest of maidens, Retua – Dumila, which, like Pygmalion Galatea, fell in love. Before marry, Dumila, more demanding than Galatea, asked Shiva food than could ever get tired, rice! Shiva sent messengers throughout the world in search of his beloved delicacy requested by Retua – Dumila, but found none. Retua – Dumila then sadly died the same day of their forced marriage to Shiva. Buried in all his splendor forty days gushes over his grave a beautiful and unknown plant. Shiva knew that tiny white fruit was the food Retua – Dumila have needed to live. I call Rice (Oryza sativa), and gave it to men to feed people with the memory of his beloved Retua – Dumila. Actually, it is impossible to determine exactly the time when man began to cultivate this plant food, but it seems that had its origin in the Himalayas. Three thousand years before our era in Chinese and Hindu writings mention rice cultivation is already into. From India, rice spread to Persia and Egypt. In times of Alexander the Great rice arrived in the Mediterranean, first in Spain and then to Italy. At this time started growing rice in Valencia.