Ingredients:  • 500g. Round Rice selected the best varieties of Valencia.• 800 gr. where chopped chicken breasts and usually include the liver.• 600 gr. chopped rabbit.• 250 grams of ‘ Bajoqueta ‘ or ‘ ferraura ‘, or what would be the same, flat green beans.• 200 grams of ‘ it garrofó ‘. A variety of white beans, large and typical flat Valencia. If the garrofó is not cool, add only 100 gr. is soaked twelve hours earlier.• 100 grams of tomato paste, which is roughly equivalent to a medium-sized grated tomato.• 150 DC olive oil.• A dozen snails.• A clove of garlic.• Saffron threads or failing food coloring, although not the same.• A teaspoon of red sweet paprika powder.• Salt normal kitchen.• Romero in or on dry default branch but is not advisable.• Water. Generally, use of water twice rice.

These would be the typical ingredients of paella as kitchen in the garden of Valencia.


The first thing is to level the paella so then the rice is evenly distributed and boils all alike. To do this, simply pour cold oil must be perfectly centered paella. Once the oil is hot, we’ll take the chicken and rabbit to which we will put salt. It is very important nicely browned all meat over low heat and unhurried, which is all well fried. Therein lies part of the secret of a good paella. It’s time to add to fry the garrofón. Like meat, fried vegetables should be fine but not burn, turning constantly. Then add the natural crushed tomatoes, tomato and fry well avoiding garlic burn. When the tomatoes have released all the water is already well fried. Now add the sachet of paprika and stir quickly, preventing burns and it is time to add water to our paella, while putting the clean snails deceived the sun. For reference, we’ll double the rice water to cover almost completely around the container. The measure of water if the size of the paella is the right thing for the portions that are to obtain- is that the water level should be above the internal rivets handles paella. As the amount of oil or rice, the water measurement is approximate and experience will be our best ally. We take now the saffron (or food coloring) and garrofón and retest the salt broth, adding more salt if necessary. Importantly, the salt in the broth should be tested just before the rice and should be rather be done because rice tends to do bland. When the stock reaches the boiling point, the leave about 5 minutes to boil over high heat. Then simmer for 30-45 minutes with the heat to low. If the low water level we had pointed out adding more. Then the fire is kindled and add the rice evenly spreading it throughout the paella In total, the rice is cooked between 17 and 20 minutes. Never exceed this time, although some broth us a remnant, as the rice will open. The rice should stay dry and whole grain. As a rule never add water once it is thrown rice to the pan. There is sin remove add broth or water, but the latter never after throwing rice. If the paella has fallen a bit short of stock, will lower the fire and can cover with foil or other lid to evaporate less water. Never add water, if anything previously reserved broth.In Valencia usual paella let stand a few minutes before serving. This rest usually sit well with paella, especially if it has been a bit hard as it helps the rice is finished cooking and complete absorption of broth which may still exist. If rice has been a little tough, can be arranged covering the pan with newspaper or cardboard and splashing some water with your hand, then letting it sit a few minutes longer than usual, occasionally lifting. And if we want to be completely faithful to tradition, eat paella directly in the container (pot). Enjoy!