Rice flour REX , Gluten Free:

It is produced from the milling of rice grains. It has a slightly sweet flavor and is ideal for thickening masses, sauces and broths.

It is also used for tempura batter and by absorbing little oil the result is crisper and fine.

It is characterized by its lack of gluten and Pasamar elaborates on their gluten-free facilities and controls cross-contamination using own raw material supply.

A good budget option for feeding celiac patients, without losing nutritional properties in your daily diet.

Semolina of rice , Gluten Free

Also from rice grains, but with a thicker grinding flour , rice semolina get REX , which is mainly used to prepare creams , soups , porridges or purees, easily digestible .

How to prepare, add semolina REX rice to broth and cook slowly.

According to the liquid added obtain a more or less thick soup before serving you can add fried bread shaped dice..