About Us

Born in 1898, it’s a valencian family business, with more than 100 years and 4 generations, developing rices of very high quality. Located in Valencia, the largest area of cultivation in Spain, Japonica rice, variety appreciated for its unique texture and absorbency of flavours.

The Tradition of all this years along with the best technology has made us experts in high quality cooking rice.

We select the best varieties of traditional rice of Valencia, among the best farmers.

Our experience and passion permit us a unique elaboration, ensuring a homogeneous grain and of cooking high quality. A selection of grain by grain, thanks to the cutting-edge technology.ardia.

Our Environment

In Valencia, rice is almost religion, and healthy Mediterranean diet requires. Beyond the paella, for gourmets and chefs, not all varieties are equal.
Select the raw material of the best Valencian rice areas, perfectly suited to Mediterranean cuisine varieties, which provide and optimize the flavor and texture, obtaining the “highest quality dining”.