How to enjoy a good rice?

Possessing the culinary arts ” the point ” is indispensable for a flavourful rice dish is achieved. It’s an art that needs a certain practice. Below we will discuss some simple recommendations to achieve this.

  • To prepare a plate of rice is necessary that this class is good eating quality , i.e., Maximum Quality.
  • The amount of water varies with the variety of rice and the ability to have this for cooking ( the minimum proportion of water is twice that of rice )
  • Often try it and retire it from fire when it’s “firm at dente”, i.e., when the central hardness core has gone of the grain, but still presented some resistance to chewing.
  • If you put the right proportion of water the rice will be cooked by the time all the water has been absorbed.
  • Until boil must be removed; when it starts to boil is better not to touch the cooking of it
  • Once cooked, the rice should be left separated from the fire to rest for about 5 minutes before serving at the table, by this way his “sweet spot” is acquired. Cooked grains also remain completely intact, retaining all the exquisite taste.
  • The rice should be cooked uncovered always, except in any recipe that should cover their last 5 minutes.
  •   It is also advisable to put some lemon drop by good taste that gives the palate, whether these are thrown into the water, leave the looser grain.
  • Do not forget to serve the table always hot rice, is tastier.