Ingredients:  • 500g. Round Rice selected the best varieties of Valencia.• 800 gr. where chopped chicken breasts and usually include the liver.• 600 gr. chopped rabbit.• 250 grams of ‘ Bajoqueta ‘ or ‘ ferraura ‘, or what would be the same, flat green beans.• 200 grams of ‘ it garrofó ‘. A variety of white beans, large and typical flat Valencia. If the garrofó is not cool, add only 100 gr. is soaked twelve hours earlier.• 100 grams of tomato paste, which is roughly equivalent to a medium-sized grated tomato.• 150 DC olive oil.• A dozen snails.• A clove of garlic.• Saffron threads or failing food coloring, although not the same.• A teaspoon of red sweet paprika powder.• Salt normal kitchen.• Romero in or on dry default branch but is not advisable.• Water. Generally, use of water twice rice.
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