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Zones: The Albufera

It is the largest lake in Spain and one of the most important wetlands in the Iberian Peninsula. An area of ​​great ecological interest in the unique wintering waterfowl species. The rich waters have traditionally served livelihood for fishermen and rice growers, giving rise to a succulent cuisine.


Ingredients:  • 500g. Round Rice selected the best varieties of Valencia.• 800 gr. where chopped chicken breasts and usually include the liver.• 600 gr. chopped rabbit.• 250 grams of ‘ Bajoqueta ‘ or ‘ ferraura ‘, or what would be the same, flat green beans.• 200 grams of ‘ it garrofó ‘. A variety of […]

How to enjoy a good rice?

Possessing the culinary arts ” the point ” is indispensable for a flavourful rice dish is achieved. It’s an art that needs a certain practice. Below we will discuss some simple recommendations to achieve this.

The Origin of rice

Shiva, the Hindu god, created the fairest of maidens, Retua – Dumila, which, like Pygmalion Galatea, fell in love. Before marry, Dumila, more demanding than Galatea, asked Shiva food than could ever get tired, rice! Shiva sent messengers throughout the world in search of his beloved delicacy requested by Retua – Dumila, but found none.